Sell a home


The Votta Team is a group of brutally honest local real estate experts ready to reveal the secrets of how we can help you sell your home.  Now, don’t get offended when we will tell you to remove something that you perceive as “perfect” for that room, it may be perfect, just not when you’re selling it!! Don’t forget to keep those walls a neutral color. Oh and the clutter, no, you can’t hide it in the closet, people look in there!! Get it out of the house, or box it up and stack it neatly in 1 room!! These are just a few secrets that we’ll prepare you with, as for the smells, we’ll talk to you about that in private!!

We’ll help you price your home to sell and even refer you to a stager if needed!! So come on what are you waiting for?? Challenge us to an interview!!